Introducing SeatSignal: The Future of Course Tracking at ASU

SeatSignal team

In the busy life of a student, waiting for a seat to open up in a sought-after class can be a daunting task. Many students have been there: constantly refreshing the class registration page, hoping to snag a spot that has just opened up, only to find it taken by someone else. But fear not, the future of course tracking is here, and it's called SeatSignal.

SeatSignal is a service designed to alleviate the stress of finding a seat in fully enrolled classes at Arizona State University. Launched in 2023, it offers a unique service that tracks seats in full ASU classes and alerts users of any new openings in under a minute, making it the fastest service of its kind on the market.

The service checks all courses every minute and, should a seat open up, the user will be notified via an email or a text message with a direct link to register for the spot. This way, the chances of securing a seat in a sought-after class are significantly increased. Furthermore, the service is user-friendly: all you need to do is sit back and let SeatSignal's servers do the checking for you

What sets SeatSignal apart from similar services is its flexibility and affordability. Unlike other services that require a commitment to track a specific course for the entire semester, SeatSignal allows users to change the course they are tracking at any time. This feature provides an added layer of convenience for users, as it allows them to adapt to changing circumstances and needs throughout the semester.

In terms of pricing, SeatSignal offers various affordable plans to cater to different users' needs. The pricing is structured around slots, which work for a selected term and can be interchanged for any course the user wants. For just $2, a user can purchase one slot for one semester. If a user needs to track more courses, two slots can be purchased for $3, and five slots for $5. These prices make SeatSignal an accessible tool for students on any budget

With SeatSignal, the days of constantly refreshing the class registration page and the stress of missing out on a sought-after class are over. It's time to embrace the future of course tracking at ASU. For more information, visit